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Managing Permissions in SmartEdit- SAP Commerce Cloud

In this video we would like to talk about permissions in SmartEdit. You'll learn how to change and adjust them according to your needs.

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How to Assign User Action Permissions for the Workflow - SAP CPQ

For users to perform actions in the workflow, they must have the appropriate permissions. In this video, you'll learn how to assign users' permissions to perform actions in the worflow in…

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Working with User Groups and Permissions - SAP CPQ

Learn how to control the visibility of products and other CPQ objects.

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Business Roles and Categories - SAP Marketing Cloud

This video will teach you about the concept of business roles, catalogs and groups. You will learn about the permissions of the standard business roles that come with SAP Marketing Cloud. The video…

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Data Privacy and Marketing Permissions - SAP Marketing Cloud

Learn about the features that SAP Marketing Cloud offers to assure data privacy and the concept behind the marketing permissions. Please do not hesitate to contact us at…

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