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Creating a Rule that Pays a Guarantee - SAP Commissions

This video demonstrates how to create a compensation plan that calculates a Guarantee. You’ll learn how to create a self-referencing Incentive Rule. This is a rule that has two results: the…

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Working with Incentive Rules - SAP Commissions

This video provides an overview of the purpose and functions of Incentive Rules. It discusses the Basic and Bonus types of Incentive Rules. The video illustrates the difference between Aggregated and…

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Creating Incentive Rules - SAP Commissions

Learn to create Incentive Rule using Primary Measurement. Examine an example using a Flat Rate in the Compensation Calculation.

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Creating Lookup Tables in SAP Commissions

This video defines a Lookup Table and provides a demonstrate on how to create a basic Lookup Table to generate a bonus payout.

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Working with Rate Tables in SAP Commissions

This video defines a Rate Table. It details the difference between a Straight and Step Rate Table and demonstrates how to create a Rate Table.

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