What is the SAP Customer Experience Enablement Portal?

The SAP Customer Experience Enablement Portal is THE home for bite-sized video enablement content to help customers and partners to get the most from the SAP CX portfolio of solutions. It covers all portfolio categories: Marketing, Commerce, Sales, Service and Customer Data. In a nutshell, the Enablement Portal offers:

  • Fresh content - videos that empower you to get the best from our software, which we will be adding to regularly
  • All in one place - tutorials, demos and webinar recordings covering all SAP CX solutions
  • Easy to consume - short, focused videos covering the key features of the software
  • Complimentary for all SAP customers and partners with SAP User ID
  • Guided learning through dedicated channels per solution and video playlists

Who is it for?

The portal is for our customers and partners and caters to audience types ranging from executive, expert to end user.

How can I get access?

You can view some content without being logged in. To view all content, however, you need to log in with a valid customer or partner ID called an S user. Login is not possible with a self-generated user ID (Public or P user).

To get an S user as an existing customer or partner, you need to do the following:


  • Contact the super administrator of your company. If you do not know who the super administrator of your company is, please contact the SAP Customer Interaction Center (CIC). They will tell you who your S user administrator is.


  • Request an S User ID from your company's security manager for SAP systems, alternatively super administrator or SAP partnership coordinator.
  • If you do not know who is your company's security manager for SAP systems, please write to channelprograms@sap.com indicating your full company name, address and partner number.


Simplified Logon Experience with SAP Universal ID

As part of our on-going efforts to simplify your logon experiences with SAP, we are pleased to introduce SAP Universal ID on the platform, which allows you to consolidate your multiple user accounts into one Universal ID.

By converting to SAP Universal ID, you can:

  • Keep your account for life.
  • Use one login for all of your accounts.
  • Manage all accounts in one profile.

Get started today by watching this short video to learn more and enrolling on the SAP Universal ID website.

If you cannot wait any longer, create your own SAP Universal ID now!


Access enable.cx on-the-go!

Download the Kaltura Mediaspace Go mobile app for your device, and watch enable.cx videos offline!

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Where can I find out more about SAP products and enablement?

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Get Started with SAP Sales Cloud

Get Started with SAP Service Cloud

Get Started with SAP Customer Data Cloud

Please get in touch with us by emailing enable.cx@sap.com